aluminum plate compost toilet cover


aluminum plate compost toilet cover


Designed by David Omick, this compost toilet cover is made in our Cascabel Arizona workshop.  It is designed to be used with 55 gallon plastic drums.  You can learn more about this system here

Parts included:  Aluminum plate (5052) compost toilet cover, stainless steel locator bolts, stainless steel below-seat plate (to keep bugs out), three vents with stainless steel screens, toilet seat.  You provide a one-quart jar, a funnel made from a 2 liter plastic bottle and bottom weather seal if you choose.

Now with flat-rate shipping to 48 states for $25.00.

Free delivery to Tucson.  Please contact me here to order for Tucson delivery.

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Customer feedback:

I want to thank you for the fantastic product and information about the composting toilet lid. The lid is top notch. 

I’m enjoying this new way to save water and benefit my trees with compost too. I live in San Diego and so far in the 11 months I can only see benefits with no disadvantage. I’m almost ready to introduce the rich compost to my trees in a month. I’ve had 3 to 4 visitors at a time for short times use the composting toilet and urinal. Everyone is pleasantly surprised that there is no smell.

Pete Holtzen, San Diego