Gail Loveland

Erik blended all our wishes of a house into a beautiful, practical and quality made gem. Erik really listens and participates in a conversation by asking questions, giving examples, and making suggestions.  Everyone then knows what result to expect.  Before building began, I was comfortable with what was to happen next and when.   Erik makes construction, whether a building or a cabinet, a smooth and efficient process with beautiful results.


Bob:Deb 1.jpg

Deb Longley and Bob Dell'Oliver

In the spring of 2018 we hired Erik to put a new corrugated steel roof on our one hundred year-old adobe.  From the planning stage to the completion of the project, we felt included in the process and confident that Erik understood what we were looking for in a final result.  He began with a thorough inspection of the exterior roof and the understructure, and took pains to reinforce the roof from beneath before beginning the installation.

He is always courteous and, well I’ll just say it: delightful. His work is meticulous and his process is organized and considered.  His manner is always professional and cordial.  During lunch breaks Erik and his crew sat around the table with us and of course we all looked forward to this down time to get to know each other, as well as to discuss questions about the project itself.  All in all, the whole thing was quite painless.  They left the property as clean as they found it, and probably more so.  We hope to work with him again and again because we have seen the integrity with which he does everything, and artistry in every aspect of his work.  Five stars for this guy.


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Annie and Alan Wilkinson

It has been our great good fortune to live in the valley and community where Erik has chosen to live and work. We have been able to have him create for us a number of different, beautiful and functional pieces so exemplary of his talent. He seems to master any constructive media he chooses.

We have a carport for the ages, the best well house in the valley, an outstandingly beautiful mesquite corner piece, and, perhaps the most fascinating (because it is a work of machinery), the utility ‘Lift’. 

A truly great craftsman, we are blessed to have had the opportunity to have him share his genius with us.