Concrete Countertops



After consultation to determine which colors, inclusions, texture and sizes are desired, samples are prepared and cast.

Finished Samples,

The samples are either ground or polished, or both. One sample may contain many different elements so a general vibe of the combination can be obtained. We may work with many types of inclusions including glass, minerals and metals, as well as a variety of different base aggregates and a near endless variety of colors. Some of the inclusions shown are: clear and colored glass, aventurine, lapis, peridot, rose quartz, mother of pearl and smokey quartz.



Finished countertops,

After a color, finish and inclusion selection is made, the forms are constructed to match the space and the countertops are cast and finished. Shown here is a large island and standard size countertop set atop custom fabricated steel cabinets. The countertop here is uncomplicated and only lightly polished.