home of Lynn Smith-Lovin and Miller McPherson in the final stages of construction

home of Lynn Smith-Lovin and Miller McPherson in the final stages of construction


Design and Build:  I can work with you to put your dream or vision onto paper and into form, whether it's a piece of furniture, an enhancement to your yard, a new home, or something else.

Project Management:  I have almost two decades of experience managing projects as small as the construction of bird aviaries and as large as the construction of houses. If you need a project manager, let's talk and see if we are a good fit.

My Story

One of my passions is building unique and beautiful things. I began working in construction with my step-dad when I was twelve. While working intermittently with him, I took five years of wood shop at my junior and high school.  I dreamed of having a woodworking shop and imagined all the delightful things I would build. In my junior year, I started apprenticing in a welding shop with Ken Davenport. He had a broad skill-set and an eye for potential.  We'd go into the backwoods and scrounge metal objects, mostly to add to his lay-down yard but also to sculpt into functional pieces of art.  These manifested often as wood stoves, kitchen implements, doors or some other functional piece. At the same time, I enrolled in my high school's ROP construction program, where a small group of students and one instructor worked for two semesters each day after school to build an entire home.

In 1999 I moved to Southern Arizona  and started building my stone house.  With the experience mentioned above, I brought with me a know-how of electrical systems and wiring learned by working with an electrician friend in his home remodeling business. Along the way, I worked with many clients on projects as varied as bathroom re-plumbing to co-designing and building several houses. I also worked for six years with  David Perino and Katheryn Erhorn of the (former) San Pedro Mesquite Company. David is a brilliant designer and woodworker who can bring any aesthetic or mechanical design to reality with the innovative use of jigs and fixtures. I worked on diverse projects to support their mesquite wood flooring business as well as their side businesses, including milling mesquite, allowing the shape, size and grain of the wood to inform the milling process to yield the most beautiful outcome possible.

View a gallery of some of the items and projects I've created and worked on since 1999 here. They include the design or co-design and construction of five homes and other projects as varied as utility lifts to carports to custom furniture.

In 2014, with the help of many friends, I started building the workshop where I do much of my work now.  Currently I am looking for opportunities to continue to express art into the world of function and need.  If you have an idea, please call me.  

So many friends and clients have put trust in me since I started working in construction almost two decades ago. In addition to viewing some of the projects I've completed for them , you can see some of their testimonials here. And I want to give thanks to the countless mentors, designers, collaborators, laborers, craftspeople and volunteers whom I've had the good fortune to work with on many projects.  You can learn about some of them here.

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in the community garden

in the community garden

Special Note

The photos and other content of this site are all original and reflect a life of co-creating with clients and friends.  Please consider the photos and content the property of RevereWorks and only reproduce with permission.  Thank you.